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The enterprise culture

The enterprise culture

Exciting youth blossom self  Stimulate vitality struggle forward

 ——Trading company for celebrating the 5154 expansion training party building activities

        To further implement the party's 19 big spirit,Celebrate May Day、Mark WuSiQing years patriotic movement100The anniversary,Carry forward the enterprise culture,Training staff will and perseverance,To cultivate team spirit,Improve the endurance to deal with setbacks,2019Years4Month23Day,All the staff company trade union organizations40People in nanchong green pine sea Wolf special training camp to carry out outdoor development training group activities。

      The company secretary of the party committee、Chairman of coastal open training before mobilization,He encouraged the staff to create a strong corporate culture atmosphere,Strengthen the construction of the team,To enhance the quality team,To enhance self-confidence and initiative,The spirit of the working class“Labor is great,Labor is glorious”Tradition of excellence,Promote patriotism WuSiQing years,Look to the party, the national work,Foothold official duty post,Maintain a positive and optimistic mentality is first-class work performance,The second city in order to speed up the construction of expressway,Achieve the entire province economic vice center contributions trading power,With honours to celebrate May Day、The memory of the May 4th youth day。


Party construction work

Party construction work
        Nanchong transportation investment and development co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“Nanchong trading”) In2015Years12Month was established,Nanchong city、City government approval form the city of state-owned important backbone enterprises。At present, the company registered capital5One hundred million yuan。     
        Nanchong trading by company headquarters and nanchong welling new highway construction co., LTD、Nanchong shunxing traffic investment co., LTD、Nanchong jingwei transport investment development co., LTD、Nanchong shunda highway investment and development co., LTD、Nanchong in sichuan province road and bridge engineering corporation(Hereinafter referred to as road and bridge corporation)、Sichuan Kang Shun engineering technology co., LTD、Jiuzhaigou county, nine hotel co., LTD7Affiliated companies,A total of employees179More than one。Company headquarters is equipped with comprehensive management department、The finance department、Asset sales department、The human resources department、Engineering quality supervision department、Safety work、The contract of justice、Between the planning department, etc8Another department。
        Nanchong trading mainly undertake the nanchong transportation infrastructure and construction projects of investment and financing、Development and management, and state-owned assets management consulting services。Subordinate road &bridge corporation owns provincial construction department approved roadbed of highway engineering project specialized contracting grade、The road project specialized contracting grade、Conditions in engineering contracting secondary qualification。
        Nanchong trading port of the jialing river bridge bear all Beijing at present、Enter the port road2The construction of key projects under construction;The highway-ring around is responsible for the west、The zhongba and along the west road of the jialing river bridge maintenance management;Active in the city“155”Development strategy and docking《Nanchong2016—2018In waterway construction scheme》The project,We will accelerate(Celebration)Instrument((3))Lk、Nanchong train north station construction of form a complete set of car bus。Involved in the investment field highway construction operations、Railway、The dock、The hotel、Housing land、Energy、Bridge maintenance management seven major industrial sector。
        Nanchong trading was established“Start a year、Start in the last three years、Take off for five years”The development of the strategy,With high quality assets、Market operation、Multivariate investment、The development of the modern management idea,Strive for to2020Years,The registered capital10One hundred million yuan、Total assets50One hundred million yuan、Annual output value10One hundred million yuan、Annual income1One hundred million yuan、Tax revenues0.5Struggling target of one hundred million yuan,To build a smooth and efficient modern integrated transport hub,For the second city in chongqing for solid transportation security。
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The main business

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