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    Dongguang Beijing property management co., LTD. Is the country“Property logistics service provider”The leader。Companies adhering to the“In market-oriented way logistics demand to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers,Enable customers to highly focus on its core business and the creation of brand value”The customer value,Mainly for the industrial park、Public venues、The government authorities and enterprises and institutions in areas such as customers with one-stop logistics service solutions,Including property based management services、Facilities management services、Asset management services、Administrative logistics service, etc。

    Dongguang property was established1999Years,The registered capital4000Ten thousand yuan,At present in guangdong province、In jiangxi province、Hubei、Shandong and other places with branches,Realty service area1000Million square meters,Is the national property service level qualification enterprise,China's realty service enterprises、Property services leading enterprises with Chinese characteristics、Realty service leading brand enterprises in China(Brand value2.51One hundred million yuan)、Standing director unit of China property management association、A member of the Chinese association of museum of nature、The central state organs property designated suppliers、Beijing municipal administrative institution realty service government procurement fixed-point units,The company has passedISO9001、ISO14001AndGB/T28001Three management system certification,In the tube multiple projects has been evaluated“The city realty service demonstration building”、“The national property service demonstration building”,“Property logistics service providers”Business model in2012Year won“China's best social innovation business model”。

    Dongguang property as a pure private joint-stock enterprises,Totally live on market management,Not only has strict quality、The cost、The risk control mechanism,Flexible operating mechanism,And pay attention to human、Technology and the resources development and investment,In the practice of the realty service continuously strengthen property service theory research,Unique property management industry in China are put forward“Dongguang·The solar system”Realty service mode,Based on the requirement of the customer service center,The basis of the research to identify the customer demand and personalized value-added service requirements,Through the perfect service supply chain control system,Improve the ability of technology integration、Quality control ability、Cost control ability、Risk control ability,In order to“A quick response、Follow-up、Professional security”Meet the demand of the customer diversification,Implements the enterprise greater social value。

    For the future,Dongguang property in based on the industrial park、Public venues、The government authorities and enterprises and institutions in areas such as target market segments to provide one-stop logistics services,Will also through constructing industrial park of life supporting services、Logistics services、Financial services、Information services、Logistics services and other services platform,For the industrial park of customers provide full industrial chain operations support services,Dongguang into property“China's most respected and trusted property logistics service providers”。

      Dongguang property mechanism of choose and employ persons:

      Dongguang core is very concerned about the talent development of the enterprise strategy management,At the beginning of the from creation,Not only can achieve the restraining,Abnormality is promoted,Pay more attention to the construction of talent team,In the aspect of talent cultivation invested a lot of energy and financial resources、Material resources,Through cooperation and related colleges and universities,A lot of internship students,Constantly absorbing new blood,Develop、Selection of a large number of property into professional technical and management job。

      Dongguang property of social functions:

      Dongguang property except absorption employ a large number of senior personnel,Also according to the characteristics of their own enterprises and channels,Response to the call of the party and state,To participate in the local stability construction,Create a lot of jobs for the local each year, Help local governments to solve the numerous waiting unemployed people,Dongguang property not only provide employment for the personnel,Through special training system,Improve their working skills,To make it better able to participate in state and local construction of the third industry,For each project to the dongguang realty service, provides the high quality professional services,Respected leaders at all levels and the customer high praise。

      Dongguang property status:

      Dongguang property now,Has developed into the country“Property logistics service providers”The leader,Is the national property service level qualification enterprise,China's realty service enterprises、Property services leading enterprises with Chinese characteristics、Realty service leading brand enterprises in China、The central state organs purchasing property designated suppliers、The Beijing municipal government procurement realty service designated suppliers。The company has nine branch offices,Business area seven provinces and cities throughout the country,On-the-job personnel(Including intern students and labor dispatching personnel)Thousands of people,All kinds of professional talents and medium above title(Or professional qualification)Personnel more than30%。

      Dongguang property concept of choose and employ persons sublimation:

      Dongguang property adhere to the people-centered concept of choose and employ persons,Constantly improve the staff own value oriented,The power of talent、Level、The sense of responsibility、Dedication as the main body,Through the cultivation of the transparent mechanism、Making a selection mechanism,A target to build unity、And progress、Professional dedication、Dedicated high-quality talent team。

      In the face of fierce competition in the market of property services market,Company leaders have put over the next decade of talent development strategy, which is the core of the company's overall development strategy,Human management idea has been transformed from the human resources management to human capital management。Dongguang property in the future of human management,Not only the human as a valuable resource,More and more investment in human,Break through to“Resources”The limitations of management and passivity,On the basis of respect for employees,Increasing investment in personnel training,Arouse the enthusiasm of staff,The maximum space provide talent,Inspire the potential of each employee,Enable employees to dongguang and unite as one,Be in the true sense of dongguang,In a limited space and time,Create unlimited value and benefits。

Head office phone/010-51501190

EMAIL/dgwy_renli@126.com(The human resources department) dgwy_shichang@126.com(The Marketing Department)

Address:The indigo plant south road, haidian district of Beijing55Kingway building,