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    Meat processing solutions

    Mainly used in meat food processing
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  • Product classification

    Cleaning line series

    It is mainly used for fruits and vegetables of dry cleaning
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Zhucheng Renault machinery co., LTD. Is a company for many years engaged in production and sales of food machinery manufacturers,Companies with strong technical strength to provide you with high quality products。The main products are:Meat grinder、Saline injection machine、Roll kneading machine、Enema Machine、Packaging machine、Mixing filling machine、Meatball machine and other products。The meat grinder、Vacuum filling machine、Main vegetables cleaning wind and roll kneading machine is the company's development、Development of products。The new structure,Stable performance。
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Zhucheng Renault machinery co., LTD

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Zhucheng Renault machinery co., LTD

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Address:Shandong zhucheng zyprexa Michigan street industrial park

Address:Shandong zhucheng zyprexa Michigan street industrial park   Contacts:The solution manager   A mobile phone:13953604210 13853637551    
The phone:0536-6118052   The mailbox:3095305644@qq.com
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