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Zhaoyuan city from the machinery co., LTD is a manufacturer of small-size 4-wheel tractors,Set research and development、Manufacturing、The sale in a body,Is a major of shandong agricultural machinery and zhaoyuan gear components manufacturing enterprises,Provide reasonable price of products,Model is varied,Can also provide tractors operate video data。

The company research and development“The newsletter plow”BrandLA-120、LA-150、LA-180A series of small four-wheel tractor,In the past small tractor development based on the principle of innovation,Comprehensive performance,Able to complete the rotary tillage、Weed control、Open ditch、Earth up、Ridging、Buried channel、Coated、The plough、Seeding、Fertilization、Pumping、Spraying、Transportation、Cut potato seedlings、Potato harvest、The peanut harvest、Leeks harvest、Paddy field operation, etc。Tractor supporting agricultural machinery are suitable for all kinds of fields、Vegetable greenhouses、The orchard、Large agricultural machinery such as hard work,Has a good operating performance、The whole machine high strength、Abundant power、Functional diversity, etc,Is popular among the masses of users。

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Small-size 4-wheel tractorsAgricultural small-size 4-wheel tractorsGrapes, spray insecticide of small-size 4-wheel tractorsLA-150Type of small-size 4-wheel tractors
LA-150Rapid brand tractorsRotary cultivatorRapid tillage machine pesticidesPeanut planting laminating machine
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