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Enterprise networks to form and maintain:Undertake enterprises integrated wiring,All kinds of small and medium-sized network engineering design、Installation and debugging,Company office wiring project,Local area network (LAN)[In more detail>>]
WindowsXp/Win7/Win8/Win8.1System installation,Office software,The image processing,Game software,The stock software installation and debugging, etc。[In more detail>>]
Logic and hardware problems,The corresponding recovery also called logical restore and hardware recovery, respectively。Logic recovery refers to the way through the software to repair the data[In more detail>>]
If you choose to slightly faster Outsourcing services as a whole,Since you don't have to bother to recruitment、Network management personnel of full-time training and management,To be responsible for your company information system[In more detail>>]
Desktop board level fault,Including memory,The hard disk,The interface damage repair service of replacement。Software maintenance,Provide desktop and server system installation,Each[In more detail>>]
RefinementIBM、Asus,HP、Toshiba、DELL、SONY、Acer、Lenovo、Founder、Purple light、Tongfang brands。To the vast majority of notebook computer[In more detail>>]
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Open the computer, or after the restart the computer,
The most simple:Boot to the welcome screen,According to theCt
Today met a computer card in the first screen is not
Recently upgraded the broadband at home,Using electricity
The computer black screen don't know what's the matter was turned on
About us - Jiujiang to repair the computerAbout us - Jiujiang to repair the computer
Jiujiang is sunrise technology co., LTDITJiujiang computer notebook professional maintenance services company agent, My company has a number of experienced、Skillful professional maintenance service personnel,The company is located in the song area ten mile road sanwa building,Since its establishment in line with the professional、The good faith、Transparent service concept,Computer maintenance center computer group [More and more>>]
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