Dongyue machinery co., LTD. Is located in yinan county of shandong province,The total area320.4m。The company registered total equity2.1015One hundred million yuan,By the shareholders4A legal person151A natural person。Under the company has equipped with linyi dongyue new building materials co., LTD、Linyi dongyue import and export co., LTD、Linyi dongyue pressure vessel equipment manufacture co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of three。In the hollow brick machine、Baking-free brick machine、A blender、Mill、Pipe-maling machine、Press、The clay machine、Agricultural machinery、Cutting machine、Vertical extrusion machine、Aerated concrete equipment、Such as manufacturing sales。

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The road brick factory
Dongyue machinery-The permeable brick machine manufacturing enterprises
13In focus Research and development and upgrading of permeable brick machine
  • QT4-24BCement block machine
    Product display equipment
    QT4-24BCement block machine
    Product display models
    Overall dimensions(mm)
  • A key start,Automatic feeding,Automatic upper plate,Automatic exchange mode。

    1、QT4-24BCement block machine design is reasonable,Compact structure;Actuator adopt mechanical transmission,Reasonable and effective use of mechanical power,Charging…

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How to prevent pavement brick machine equipment of the oil temperature is too high

The road brick machine equipment is a kind of production machinery,The production process need lubricating oil for lubrication,Also need the hydraulic oil。After a long time operation,There will be a part of the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy,The road brick machine oil temperature rise high,Thus the operation efficiency of brick machine,After a long time,Also…

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How to prevent pavement brick machine equipment of the oil temperature is too high
How much money baking-free brick machine accessories?

In order to better display the dongyue machinery enterprise image,Promote the communication between the with the customer,To provide better after-sales service,Our company has built WeChat network mall。In WeChat mall,You can see that the company sold in all kinds of baking-free brick machine,Contains the hydraulic brick machine、Electric brick machine、Moving from three plate brick machine…

In linyi weaponsQT5-15Baking-free brick machine installation commissioning success

Baking-free brick machineAs a large production machinery,Contains the host、A blender、Hydraulic station、Stacker crane、Batching machine, and many other complex structure,Installation and debugging process,Need to pay attention to matters more,If the installation does not reach the designated position,Will affect the subsequent production use effect,Here you are…

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Dongyue machinery fall fun sports meeting

  In order to enrich the cultural life of the employees,Advocate healthy way of life of employees,Enhance exchanges and cooperation between various departments,To strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization construction and the enterprise culture,To improve the company all staff team cohesion and centripetal force。2018Years11Month3Day,In the dongyue mountain villa stadium,…

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2018The autumn Canton fair

  China's import and export fair the guangzhou fair,Hereinafter referred to as the Canton fair。Founded in1957In the spring,During the spring and autumn every year held in guangzhou,Sponsored by ministry of commerce and the people's government of guangdong province,China's foreign trade center。Canton fair is a good show the company image、To promote the company's products…

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  • Cement block machine
  • FromRaw material analysis,Site planning,The project design,Equipment debuggingTo theProduce the productsAnd after productionPersonnel training,Technology upgradesAnd so on
  • Are givenGood service and perfect solution
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